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Recent News

Houston, Texas: Southwest Airlines began its first flights in and out of IAH on April 12, 2021. It was a great day for Huntleigh as we expanded yet again with this key client. Big thanks to all that supported this startup. Huntleigh is providing Wheelchair, Baggage, Cabin Cleaning and Facility Cleaning services.

Hartford, Connecticut: On April 21, 2021, flight 2213 from CLT was deplaning and Huntleigh USA staff, Maxine Davis and Jaris Jarrett, were at the bottom of the jetbridge waiting for their pickup. A passenger came off, in distress and unable to breath. Our agents immediately sprang into action. One got her seated in a wheelchair, while the other ran up and alerted the gate agents to call 911, saving precious time. The passenger was having a serious asthma attack. The paramedics came and stabilized her and she was ultimately able to leave on her own. We are proud of the lifesaving skills demonstrated by our employees.

The Huntleigh Advantage

  • Our Approach to Excellence

    With quality personnel, world-class training, proprietary technology, and an unmatched commitment to customer service, we deliver a product that sets Huntleigh USA Corporation apart from our competition.

    Our People

    At Huntleigh USA Corporation, our employees are the most important assets we have. We work hard every day to support them in being the very best they can be so that they can perform at the highest level.

    Our Company

    Huntleigh USA Corporation provides teams of leading experts whose commitment to excellence in their field of specialization ensures the security of any corporation or privately held organization.

  • Our Management Support

    An extensive management support system guarantees that all clients receive the around-the-clock attention they deserve. And in a crisis, it enables our immediate, sensitive, and comprehensive response.

    Our Training

    Proprietary top quality training programs and workshops ensure our staff's ability to respond fluidly to the ever-evolving needs of our customers.

    Our Technology Infrastructure

    Huntleigh USA Corporation uses technology to maximize efficiency, ensure accuracy, and streamline your security program. Our commitment to cutting-edge technology means efficient client operations and guarantees our clients a partner they can depend on.


Huntleigh USA Corporation provides high end Video Surveillance, General and Aviation Security Solutions and Services. The diversity, personality, and life experiences of our professionals allow them to approach projects from multiple angles, giving Huntleigh USA Corporation a valuable insight and a broad worldview.

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Huntleigh USA Corporation’s innovative solutions are the result of the expert know-how and international operational experience that has been accumulated by our experts for over 20 years.

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