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Active Site Monitoring

Proactive Approach

For businesses that store and transport large and expensive products and assets, theft and damage to those assets is of major concern. Similarly, if you manage apartment or condominium sites, the safety of your tenants and on-site staff is of paramount importance. Additionally, retail businesses must recognize the importance of a positive customer experience while working to eliminate inventory loss.

What’s the answer? At Huntleigh USA Corporation, we have a world-class, proven solution that will provide you with the following services, at a cost less than hiring your own security and gate management personnel:

  • Entrance and exit security management for visitor and employee movement
  • Pro-active surveillance of premises that will record all movement and help you identify problems that are happening in real-time
  • 24x7 perimeter security monitoring to stop unauthorized entry
  • Optional live monitoring from our Operations Center to analyze anomalies and stop problems before they occur

  • Some of the benefits these services provide are:
  • Reduce the overall total cost of ownership of security solutions
  • Reduce or eliminate theft loss
  • Increase safety of tenants and staff
  • Potentially reduce insurance costs and premiums
  • Enable positive interaction between your business and law enforcement authorities in the event of an incident

  • Our solution is designed to particularly support the following industries:
  • Trucking
  • Warehousing
  • Apartment and condominium management
  • Home Owner Associations
  • High asset value sales / retail stores
  • Hotel / motel management
  • Schools and educational facilities
  • And many more...
  • Other ways we can help...

    Huntleigh USA Corporation’s innovative solutions are the result of the expert know-how and international operational experience that has been accumulated by our experts for over 20 years.

    The company's broad development capabilities and advanced technologies offer a complete array of services ranging from profiling, consulting services, professional security officers to training programs and seminars. Huntleigh USA Corporation's services promote streamlined security processing, enhanced customer service and reduced operational costs.