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Professional Security Services

For these services, please contact us directly at 702.250.6737 or complete our online security services request form.

Background Checks

Hiring the right and the best people is vital to the success of any organization. We are dedicated to helping you make the right decision.Background check Using industry-leading experts and cutting-edge technology helps organizations all over the world detect potential risks such as resume fraud, criminal convictions, and past involuntary terminations. Background screening services can help eliminate doubt about the integrity of job applicants and vendors. Together with our sister companies around the world we can examine professional and academic claims, and identify a range of omitted issues that could affect job performance. From traditional to specialized searches, background check services can be tailored to meet the needs of your organization and provide you with correct information to make an educated decision.

Event Security Planning

Holding an event, whether big or small, private or corporate, represents a complex and coordinated effort. Promoters and organizers no longer have to worry about the little details. Huntleigh USA Corporation is a leader when it comes to providing event security. We have the knowledge and the experience to ensure your event is safe, secure and successful. Delegating an important matter such as security, safety or traffic control to the leading security service provider in the industry will allow you to concentrate on the main task which is the contents and commercial objectives of your event. Our integrated event security services include:

  • Crowd Control
  • Event Management - Coordinated collaboration with the authorities and other institutions (FD, Police Dep. and all technical service)
  • Event Personnel
  • Security and Risk Management
  • Traffic and Parking Management
  • First Aid Response and Emergency Management Services

  • Retail Loss Prevention

    Retail Loss Prevention is a profession that is responsible for reducing inventory losses inside retail stores. Loss prevention professionals manage in-store security programs that focus on reducing inventory losses due to employee theft, shoplifting, fraud, vendor theft, and accounting errors. Like others in the security industry, retail loss prevention professionals must interact with store personnel and store customers when dishonesty or carelessness occurs. Together with our partner, Profitect, we offer a comprehensive suite of software solutions for profit increase through loss prevention, fraud detection and compliance assurance. We deliver sustainable loss reduction of 15%-25% for the extended retail industry. The Profitect Suite is modular, providing pin-pointed analysis and action guidance, covering all operational areas of the enterprise. The Profitect team leverages expertise acquired through 13 years of successfully reducing losses for retailers worldwide.

    Risk Analysis

    A comprehensive risk analysis is the essential and primary component of any security system. The identification of risks relevant to the particular site or operation, as well as their assessment in terms of potential damage and probability, enables:

  • the development of the security concept, and
  • the design of a security system that effectively deals with these risks

  • Huntleigh USA Corporation employs security experts who review your business operations and specialize in the performance of risk analysis in a variety of threat environments. When analyzing risks, all relevant factors relating to the client, the operation, the environment, potentially hostile elements and their possible usual methods, etc., are taken into account in order to ensure that the risks are properly mapped.

    Executive Protection Detail

    Whether an executive or an entertainer, an athlete or a political figure, individuals exposed to a high degree of risk need a high degree of protection. Huntleigh USA Corporation provides personal protection services that keep people safe from the threats of danger that come along with high profiles. Our security professionals protect celebrities, political figures, foreign dignitaries, corporate executives and other elevated-risk individuals with the highest level of experience and security expertise. We are committed to the protection of our clients with unparalleled service.

  • Executive Protection: High Profile or Discrete
  • Pre-trip Advance / Post-trip Follow-up
  • Route Planning / Motorcade Driving
  • Communication Support
  • Plan Contingency
  • Site Security
  • Explosive Detection
  • Phone / Video Taping
  • Drug Search
  • Clean Sweeping
  • Shadow Force
  • Planeside Pickup and Drop-off
  • Airport Security Screening
  • Corporate Security Consulting
  • Contingency Planning
  • Disaster Planning
  • Security Team Selection and Training
  • Vulnerability Assessment
  • Security Guards / Officer Services

    The capability for maintaining higher security protocols mandates new standards of performance from uniformed and plainclothes security officers to meet higher risk and threat levels. We at Huntleigh USA Corporation recognize the need for more sophisticated services and are performing to those higher standards. Our personnel have to meet strict professional requirements and undergo comprehensive training prior to their assignments. Additional on-the-job training programs are designed and implemented to bring enhanced performance and the ability to provide quality security services to our client through highly skilled, trained and experienced personnel. Huntleigh USA Corporation Security Officers are currently fulfilling this vital role and mission for a growing list of leading corporations and businesses through custom staffing programs with highly skilled, trained and experienced personnel. We are ready to be deployed as the primary security team and also available to supplement existing corporate security as needed. Huntleigh USA Corporation provides these services to:

  • Schools
  • Office Buildings and Corporate Headquarters
  • Hotels
  • Shopping Centers
  • Warehouses
  • Apartment Buildings
  • Art Galleries and Museums
  • Threats to High Profile Businesses

  • Security Surveys and Audits

    Companies and individuals are exposed to ever-changing security threats and concerns. We will help you to identify and define the problem, design and implement the solutions needed and then deliver relevant feedback to avoid future exposures. How can we help? We begin by providing an in-depth evaluation of your risk profile. This allows us to recommend and deliver targeted, effective solutions according to your needs. We provide:

  • Survey and Audits
  • Vulnerability Assessments
  • Review of Current System Analysis
  • Policy and Rrocedure Development
  • Security Master Planning and Design of Security Programs
  • External Security Audits
  • Security & Concept Development

    In order to enable the development of a cost effective security system that optimally meets the client's specific needs, a security system must be constructed on the basis of a well thought-out concept, which takes into consideration all relevant security aspects. As the development and implementation of a comprehensive security system requires substantial resources, it is crucial that these resources be invested in the most productive way, and in accordance with predetermined priorities. When developing a security concept, Huntleigh USA Corporation specialists take into account the results of the risk analysis as well as anticipated trends in the threat environment. This allows for a concept that is both appropriate for the predictable future, and is easy to adapt in later years.

    Security System Design

    Closed Circuit Television Systems (CCTV) and video monitoring and surveillance systems are becoming more common in offices, homes, city streets, banks and shopping malls. With advancement in technology, criminal procedures have also become more advanced. This is used for spy and surveillance purposes alike. These stealth cameras are sometimes disguised whereas at other times they are placed in obvious locations to ward off the security threat. We can design, engineer and customize a state-of-the-art security system to fit any client's specifications, needs or budgets. You can have single HD IP camera options for a small business or multi-camera CCTV with DVR options or we can integrate your existing camera system with monitoring services. We offer live video burglar alarm-triggered monitoring services using fully-integrated Command Center.

    Other ways we can help...

    Huntleigh USA Corporation’s innovative solutions are the result of the expert know-how and international operational experience that has been accumulated by our experts for over 20 years.

    The company's broad development capabilities and advanced technologies offer a complete array of services ranging from profiling, consulting services, professional security officers to training programs and seminars. Huntleigh USA Corporation's services promote streamlined security processing, enhanced customer service and reduced operational costs.