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Advanced Technology Solutions


I-CHECK is the latest innovation from I-SEC International Security, our sister company, a leading aviation security specialist company. I-SEC’s next generation implementation of its proprietary APS (Advanced Passenger Screening) software provides a seamless integration of passenger screening into CUSS or airline proprietary check-in kiosks. This automated passenger screening solution consists of a rule engine that analyzes passengers’ security profile using PNR and frequent flyer information. I-CHECK provides an enhanced security layer to the airline’s flight operation while facilitating a free flow of passengers, consequently enhancing passenger satisfaction as well as security operation efficiency. Additionally, the passengers’ risk analysis allows planning and optimizing resource allocation in advance.

I-CHECK enhances security while providing the following benefits:

  • Integrated security screening
  • Improved passenger flow
  • Better customer satisfaction
  • Reduced operational costs

  • I-BOX

    I-Box is a proprietary technological platform comprising:

  • Automated TravelDoc
  • Mobile immigration systems
  • API/APP Solution
  • APS Operator Workstation (check of passenger names against watch lists and other government databases)
  • The platform contains a travel document scanner and an advanced laptop computer. It includes Automated TravelDoc, which serves as a regulatory compliance and civil penalty I-Boxprevention tool by verifying that passengers’ travel documents comply with the requirements of the countries of destination and transit included in their itinerary. I-Box allows for the storage of Advanced Passenger Screening (APS) indicators in a user-friendly format, which allows agents to locate and extract data rapidly and efficiently. It also utilizes the most advanced document reader currently available on the market, Smart Document Reader (SDR). The full-page reader has been enhanced with sophisticated algorithms developed by I-SEC specifically for the purpose of scanning and reading standard and non-standard ICAO travel documents, as well as standard and non-standard MRZ travel documents. The SDR also assists in detecting forged travel documents.

    Advantages of the SDR include:
  • Automated scanning and reading of both standard and non-standard MRZ and ICAO travel documents
  • Extremely high level of reading accuracy
  • High scanning and reading speed
  • Automated operation reduces the probability of errors as compared with slow, manual processing
  • Option of storing images of the travel document pages
  • User-friendly, as opposed to other document readers available on the market which require the programming of suitable GUI (Graphical User Interface) to enable easy operation by a security agent
  • Advanced Passenger Screening

    Advanced Passenger Screening (APS) is a copyright-protected, proprietary stand-alone rule engine that performs pre-screening of passengers. APS operates in a secure environment; it strictly maintains passenger privacy and confidentiality in full compliance with requirements issued by regulators in the US, Europe, and other countries. APS, based on the profiling system developed by I-SEC and adopted by the TSA/FAA, allows focusing security resources on a small number of passengers who are not classified by the system as posing ”low-risk”. These individuals are then processed manually and undergo more thorough security screening. APS was initially introduced in 1997 at Amsterdam Airport Schiphol. It is currently being implemented at approximately 30 locations in Europe, the US, and India. APS processes dozens of flights daily and is operated under license by numerous major American airlines and other carriers, as well as by security companies around the world.

    APS Benefits

  • Enhanced security
  • Accelerated passenger handling at check-in
  • Reduced risk of departure delays
  • Improved customer service
  • Elimination of the inherent dangers and inflexibility of printed lists of passengers and codes
  • Secure transfer of APS classification directly to authorized security agents
  • Creation of a complete audit trail which enables the validation of the process and ensures the integrity of its operation
  • Creation of a body of knowledge that can be utilized to further refine and enhance performance throughout the operation
  • Ability of airlines to carry out analyses in advance in order to focus security attention where it is most needed
  • Increased flexibility as a result of the automatic updating of information, as well as information relating to customer needs
  • Early indication of load factor, allowing users to allocate the correct number of agents required

  • Automated TravelDoc

    Automated TravelDoc was developed by I-SEC to verify that passengers' travel documents comply with the requirements of countries of destination and transit prior to embarkation, as well as to detect forged passports and visas.This unique, proprietary product helps combat illegal immigration, improves security and comprises a fine prevention tool for airlines. It can also serve as a platform for enhanced immigration processing. Automated TravelDoc is updated with information regarding travel document requirements from official sources in various countries. Automated TravelDoc is the improved, automated version of TravelDoc, which was developed by I-SEC experts over a decade ago, and has saved its airline clients millions of dollars in potential civil penalties. The automated version assists the operator in performing automatic scanning and reading of travel documents, checking them quickly and with a very high degree of accuracy, verifying their authenticity and ensuring the fulfillment of the country of destination's requirements.

    System components include:

  • An extremely accurate automated full-page Smart Document Reader (SDR)
  • An advanced laptop computer
  • The Automated TravelDoc system can be supplied as an electrically rechargeable mobile unit or installed on an existing workstation.

  • Automated TravelDoc Pilots The effectiveness of Automated TravelDoc as a fine prevention tool for airlines has been proven at major international airports, including Newark Liberty International Airport, Zurich's Kloten International Airport, Istanbul's Ataturk International Airport, and Cape Town International Airport within the framework of pilot trials conducted for major airlines.


    In-Sight™ is a unique, copyright-protected, proprietary interactive training system developed by I-SEC experts. Designed specifically for X-ray operators, it accurately simulates situations they may face in their day-to-day work. The system analyzes each operator's competency profile, based on which it creates individually-tailored recurrent training programs.

    In-Sight™ features:

  • Hundreds of multi-media presentations, video clips and simulations
  • A clear, user–friendly interface
  • Multiple languages
  • Operates on a stand-alone basis or as part of a classroom network

  • Topics covered within the framework of existing courses include:

  • Aviation Security
  • Introduction to X-ray Screening
  • X-ray Interpretation
  • Object Recognition
  • Weapons and Dangerous Goods
  • IED (Improvised Explosive Device) Recognition
  • IED Concealment and Detection
  • Manual Inspection (Bag Search)
  • Passenger Screening

  • HBS Operation
  • Aviation Security
  • The HBS Operation
  • Introduction to X-ray Screening
  • Object Recognition
  • Weapons and Dangerous Goods
  • IED (Improvised Explosive Device) Recognition
  • IED Concealment and Detection
  • HBS Procedures
  • Explosive Detection System
  • The VIVID X-ray machine
  • e-nspection

    The proprietary e-nspection of I-SEC is an advanced Tablet PC-based software solution that facilitates and expedites the performance of airport security surveys at the highest professional level, effectively meeting current security needs. It is copyright-protected and is operated under license by I-SEC clients worldwide.

    e-nspection features:

  • Based on expert knowledge of the world's leading aviation security consultants
  • Structured, methodological survey process ensures all relevant aspects are covered
  • Includes analysis of all information gathered and presentation of recommendations based on expertise and experience accumulated over two decades
  • Quick adaptation of surveys to meet local and/or specific needs
  • Verifies compliance with TSA, ECAC and local regulations
  • Specific attention to customer service issues
  • Generates survey reports at the push of a button
  • Detailed records kept of all previously conducted surveys for comparison and review purposes

  • Advantages:
  • User friendly/detailed surveys that can be completed quickly and efficiently
  • Can be conducted by non-security staff
  • Ensures results that are comparable with those of surveys carried out by aviation security specialists
  • Cost effective: substantially less expensive than traditionally conducted surveys performed by teams of security consultants
  • Enables continuous tracking of airport security status by facilitating recurrent surveys to verify that recommendations are properly implemented
  • Easy comparison of the security status of various airports
  • Immediate assimilation of updated regulations and standards

  • Potential users:
  • Airport authorities and management companies
  • Governmental authorities
  • Airlines
  • Insurance companies
  • Companies whose field of activity involve the performance of surveys

  • Detailed airport security surveys are a necessity in today's high-risk environment. Accurate, comprehensive information regarding the security procedures implemented, the specific security status of the airport, and the determination of the degree of compliance with national and international airport and aviation security standards, are essential to the identification of vulnerabilities and the determination of appropriate corrective measures.

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