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Quick facts

  • Established - 1992
  • Acquired by ICTS USA Inc. - 1999
  • Aviation and Related Services - 2000
  • Video Surveillance as a Solution - 2013
  • Real Time Operations Center - 2013
  • Advanced RTOC - 2016

Who we are

About us

Established in 1992, Huntleigh USA Corporation rapidly became a global leader in developing tailored, comprehensive, and effective security solutions for individuals and businesses alike. In 1999, Huntleigh USA Corporation was acquired by ICTS USA Inc., a subsidiary of ICTS International N.V., which has played a major role in aviation security since 1982.

With its highly skilled and experienced professional staff, supported by proprietary technological innovations, Huntleigh USA Corporation is ideally positioned to deliver cost-effective General and Aviation Security Solutions and Services to commercial and private companies with varying operational volumes and needs.

This advantage, combined with Huntleigh USA Corporation’s nationwide support structure, qualifies it as the low risk, best value choice to meet the demanding requirements of any organization. Our goal is to enhance the success of our clients and their operations by providing superior security, service and consulting with the highest degree of integrity and responsiveness.

Huntleigh USA Corporation thrives in a culture of trust, equality, teamwork, responsibility, high expectations, dependability and open communication with not only its employees and shareholders, but above all -- its customers.

Huntleigh USA Corporation – We know how important security and service are to you.

Our mission objectives

  • Deliver a professional tailored service to meet our clients' specific needs and objectives.
  • Provide our clients with a service that exceeds all expectations.
  • Gain the trust and understanding of our clients' current needs and future visions and to provide dedication in pursuing the highest professional standard of security and safety services.

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    Our management team

    Richard Sporn - Chief Executive Officer
    Richard was appointed as the Chief Executive Officer of Huntleigh USA Corporation Corporation, a wholly-owned subsidiary of ICTS International N.V. in 2005. Prior to his appointment, Richard held numerous senior leadership roles at Huntleigh USA Corporation/ICTS during his more than 20 year tenure. Directly prior to Richard’s appointment to his current executive position in June 2005, Richard served as Director for Product Development/Control and Training and in that role served as the key Huntleigh USA Corporation individual responsible for client contracts, communications, and overall client satisfaction. Prior to assuming corporate staff responsibilities at Huntleigh USA Corporation, Richard served as Managing Director for ICTS for nine years in Vienna, Austria with full-range operational responsibilities for finance, service delivery, administration, and client satisfaction. Prior to that, Richard served ICTS as an internal Senior Consultant for its operations in Asia, South America, and Europe where he ensured superior service delivery via effective recruiting, selection, training, and auditing programs.
    Dennis Fox - National Director of Operations
    Dennis joined Huntleigh USA Corporation in 1999 and serves as National Director of Operations for Huntleigh USA Corporation Corporation. Upon assuming his role with Huntleigh USA Corporation Corporation, Dennis brought with him more than ten years combined experience from aviation service companies such as ITS and Andy Frain Services. His responsibilities included aviation regulatory compliance, business development, and overall operations. Dennis is accomplished in business development, client relations, and internal auditing.